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I wish I could tell you this is a story you've never heard before… but I’m sure that isn’t true. Piupia's story, my story, is a classic:

First comes love… then a teeny tiny person all of their own. I guess it was after the birth of my son, almost four years ago, that the idea for Piupia sprung on me. But I should start from the beginning.

You see, I'm from Guimarães, a small town in the north of Portugal known for two major things: its amazing historical past as the birthplace of Portugal – the Portuguese call it the Nation's crib –, and for being a textile manufacturing hub. And that was my playground base – family, tradition and … hmmm... fabric! :)
When I finished my degree I wanted to find my own path away from my hometown, so I moved to Barcelona where I started my career as a graphic designer. A few years later, I moved on to work as a 3D artist in London where I am currently based and the rest, well the rest is as they say, history ...
When my son was born, I finally saw all of the pieces from my future and my past align: I was born into a family of clothing manufacturers, I am a designer and I am a mum… What could make more sense than to take advantage of all of this?

And thus, Piupia was born – it was like returning home, but with a twist.

Piupia allies the quality and passion of the almost 20 years experience our manufacturer has, with a brand new voice and design. We cherish tradition and embrace it, but we also look to the future.
At Piupia, we ensure that every single piece of our teeny tiny garments is manufactured under high quality standards using processes that are not only kinder to the environment, but also gentler to babies’ sensitive skin.
As such, our certified manufacturer only uses locally produced materials and resources, and follows all the European work Standards and Policies.

But wait, don't think for one second that we forgot about style! Our clothes are not only comfortable and green, but our babies always look exceptionally trendy. Piupia has a fun, quirky style that uses unique illustrations and one of a kind details...Because our babies deserve clothes that go hand in hand with their innocence but show off their personalities.

This might not be the most original story you have ever heard… And it’s not even finished yet, we’re just starting… It’s a simple story, really, but it’s mine… It’s ours, and I am so proud of it.


Claudia Carvalho